Saturday, March 24, 2007

Artscroll on the Golem of Prague

There is a tradition which has not been established, that in the face of these threats, Maharal created a Golem, a humanoid figure formed from mud and brought to life by secret prayers and Kabbalistic sayings.


Or, if you like

The illustrious Maharal of Prague is best known as the creator of the famous Golem, but that was hardly his greatest accomplishment. He composed an enormous body of dazzling literature that forms the essence of much Torah thought to this day.


Monday, March 05, 2007

A King Jamesism in Artscroll's Esther

Artscroll consistently translates סריס (eunuch) as chamberlain, following the JPS as it is wont to do, which followed most English Bibles in rendering סריס as chamberlain after the King James. 14th century English Bible translator John Wycliffe translates as "onest seruant."

(The Latin Vulgate translates as eunuchi; the Greek LXX as ευνονχω.)

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